Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Call 1-800-500-1044 immediately upon noticing your CSB MasterCard Debit Card has been lost or stolen.

  • When calling this number you will reach the "Lost and Stolen Card Center" and will be requested to provide the following information:

    • Is the card lost or stolen?
    • Name of your financial institution? (Castroville State Bank)
    • City and State of your financial institution? (Castroville, Texas)
    • Is the card a Debit Card or an ATM Only Card? (debit card)
    • Caller's name?
    • Immediate Contact Phone Number?
    • Cardholder's Name?
    • Cardholder's Address?
    • Cardholder's Phone Number?
    • Card Number?
    • Account Number if card number is not known?
    • Date the card was lost or stolen?
    • Last transaction's date and time?

    The above information will be logged and the card will be "Hot Carded" and placed on MasterCard's warning bulletin.