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Castroville State Bank Lost or Stolen CSB MasterCard Debit Card Procedures

Call 1-800-500-1044 immediately upon noticing your CSB MasterCard Debit Card has been lost or stolen.

When calling this number you will reach the "Lost and Stolen Card Center" and will be requested to provide the following information:

  • Is the card lost or stolen?

  • Name of your financial institution? (Castroville State Bank)

  • City and State of your financial institution? (Castroville, Texas)

  • Is the card a Debit Card or an ATM Only Card? (debit card)

  • Caller's name?

  • Immediate Contact Phone Number?

  • Cardholder's Name?

  • Cardholder's Address?

  • Cardholder's Phone Number?

  • Card Number?

  • Account Number if card number is not known?

  • Date the card was lost or stolen?

  • Last transaction's date and time?

The above information will be logged and the card will be "Hot Carded" and placed on MasterCard's warning bulletin.

Note:  During normal Banking hours, you should also contact the Bank so that we may
assist you in protecting your account in the event your card is lost or stolen.